Surviving the Holidays: Gift Giving and Receiving

by ih-chi admin

A big part of what kids look forward to most during the holidays is gift giving, and frankly, gift getting. Every child likes to be a part of choosing something special for their grandparent, sibling, or another family member or friend…just as they all have that one perfect present in mind too for themselves.

Here are a few ways to involve your special needs child in gift giving while also not having him get overwhelmed on the other end:

  • If you haven't yet completed shopping...flip through toy catalogs, or check out online versions, together and have them let you know what they like (you may have to do this a few pages at a time so as not to overwhelm them). You can give them colorful post-its, or markers, to help keep track of items of interest.
  • Do the same thing, but with a list of others in mind. Ask them if they see anything they would like to give to someone else.
  • Dollar stores are also a great place for allowing your child freedom to select something special for someone without breaking the bank.
  • When it’s time to open presents, let your child open things at their own pace. If they’d like to play with the wrapping, let them.
  • If being a part of the frenzied unwrapping is too much, let them chill out for a few minutes on their own perhaps in a different room with music, a game, or television.
  • Give your child a job to do to keep them focused and not too distracted by the excitement, such as passing out presents or picking up wrapping paper.
  • Enlist family members to help open presents and show them to your child for him if unable to do so himself.

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Have a fun-filled holiday.