Are Concussions Underreported?

by ih-chi admin

A new study claims that the number of concussion injuries may be much higher than reported. This is because most children who suffer a concussion are not seen in a hospital emergency room where the injury is most often reported.

Data from 8,100 children under the age of 18 were evaluated for the study. It found that 82% of the children had their first concussion visit in a primary care physician's office—not an emergency room.

The study's conclusion is likely true, concussions are much more common than reported. That is why it is so important that parents, athletic coaches and trainers as well as children be educated about concussions. Properly diagnosing and treating concussion will help prevent long-term affects caused by the injury.

Child Neurology Consultant’s physicians and nurse practitioners have helped raise awareness in the community through programs with local schools. If you think your child has suffered a concussion, talk to your pediatrician or make an appointment with one of our pediatric neurologists