Baby, It’s Cold Outside...Here’s How to Stay Active Inside!

by ih-chi admin

While it’s unlikely we’ll see another snow day like we had here in Central Texas last week, temps may still stay chilly for some time before spring arrives. It is always great to get kids outside for some fresh air and physical activity to keep their bodies and brains healthy, but if it’s too cold to brave the outdoors, here are some ideas to get a daily dose of exercise:

  1. Try a virtual workout designed for kids. P.E. With Joe, Cosmic Kids Yoga, and Level Up! offer free videos on YouTube. There is something for all ages. 

  2. Turn on your favorite song and do a 5-minute dance-off. It’s amazing how much energy can be spent jumping around for a bit. 

  3. The New Year is a good time to kick off challenges--whether personal or as a family together. How many sit-ups can you do in one minute? How long can you hold a handstand? How fast can you do 10 push ups? 

  4. Simon some jumping jacks, run in place, walk like a bear or a crab on all fours. 

  5. Create strength goals. “I want to do 10 pushups.” Practice every day for a month and see if you can get there!

  6. Take out an old favorite like the game Twister, and get some stretching in while you and your family get tangled up!

  7. Make up an exciting adventure story, like a “Lion Hunt,” and act it out. 

  8. Build an indoor obstacle course with cushions and pillows piled up and fashioned into mazes. 

  9. Plan a scavenger hunt with clues scattered far and wide in every corner of the house.

  10. Play a round of charades.

For older kids and teenagers hooked on video games, set them up at a standing desk or stability ball for a little extra challenge while they play. 

If you are brave enough to bundle up and head outside, a simple bike ride or walk around the block can do wonders to get blood flowing, brighten your mood, and even boost immunity!

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