What Else Sets Us Apart? Dedication to Advance Research for Pediatric Epilepsy

by ih-chi admin

Research and innovation has significantly changed the quality of life for persons with epilepsy. Today we have an array of options to help children control their seizures from diet changes (ketogenic) to pharmaceutical options (more than a dozen approved by the FDA), a medical device (vagus nerve stimulator or VNS) and, in severe cases, surgery.

But, there is still so much more to be done. Epilepsy is a complicated disease. Most children are able to control their seizures with medication, however, up to ⅓ of children with epilepsy will need other options such as a VNS or surgery.

That is why it is important to investigate new treatment options or better and safer treatment practices through research. We are proud that Child Neurology Consultants of Austin is a sought-after site for clinical trials related to epilepsy. It means we not only contribute to innovation, but our patients also have access to these opportunities. 

Child Neurology Consultants of Austin is currently involved in three trials targeting epilepsy — two are evaluating a medication therapy, and one is investigating VNS.

Comprehensive with Patient Families in Mind

Our epilepsy program is comprehensive and includes a wide range of diagnostic and treatment options. We built the program with the patient in mind. We have three convenient locations in Cedar Park as well as Central and South Austin and a large team of board-certified pediatric neurologists dedicated the treatment of epilepsy.

By offering a wide variety of seizure monitoring services (EEG studies) – including an in-home EEG, one of the only programs doing so in Central Texas— our specialists can best chart your child’s course of treatment in a way that is convenient (and less disruptive) for families. We are also proud to be the first group in Austin to accept cannabidiol oil (CBD oil) as a valid treatment option for some patients.

Participating in clinical trials is just another way we’re working to bring the best care possible to our patient families.

Visit our research page to learn more about clinical trials at Child Neurology Consultants of Austin.