Dr. Karen Keough Heads to Disneyland As Featured Speaker for Epilepsy Expo

by ih-chi admin

Dr. Karen Keough will soon be packing up her mouse ears and heading off to Disneyland to participate in the annual Epilepsy Awareness & Education Expo /Epilepsy Awareness Day, November 4 - 6, taking place at the Southern California theme park.

While there, Dr. Keough will join a panel titled “CBD in Epilepsy”, sharing updates on how she has used CBD oil for managing seizures, in particular, Epidiolex—the first and currently only FDA-approved cannabidiol-based prescription drug for seizures.

Child Neurology Consultants of Austin is proud to have Dr. Karen Keough represent us at such an important gathering of epilepsy experts from around the world--the largest epilepsy education and patient advocacy event in North America.

Epilepsy currently affects more than two million people in the United States, and many of them are children. It is a neurological condition that attacks the nervous system and triggers frequent seizures—or disruptions in normal brain activity – in those diagnosed.

Dr. Keough is a board-certified, fellowship-trained child neurologist and epileptologist. She has a special interest in refractory epilepsy and also founded and serves as co-director of the only Comprehensive Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic in Austin. She is also Chief Medical Officer for Compassionate Cultivation, an Austin-based company licensed to grow, process and dispense cannabidiol medicine for the treatment of epilepsy and other highly specific medical conditions.