Patient Profile: Kody Teaches Us to Dream Big

by ih-chi admin

We love hearing from our patients. They are our inspiration. They are the reason we do what we do. We are amazed at their accomplishments and the dedicated families that cheer them on.

Kody is one of those examples — someone who simply leaves us awe-struck by his determination. Here is a note from his mom. (The picture put a huge smile on Dr. Karen Keough’s face.)

Kody, you make us #DreamBig.

Kody was born with severe myoclonic epilepsy and had over 100 seizures per day. He has suffered severe developmental delays, right-sided hemi-paresis, and has been diagnosed with autism. We thought he would never be able to enjoy the quality of life the rest of us enjoy. Yet, with the help of God, family and our amazing team of neurologists, namely, Dr. Karen Keough, Kody has had the opportunity to do things we never dreamed possible. He has endured multiple brain surgeries, several VNS implant surgeries, and a multitude of medication trials and has persevered.

Kody's seizures are now reduced mostly to two to three small tremors daily. He is able to participate in Special Olympics bowling, Special Olympics basketball, and most recently, a 5K at Disney World in Florida. Kody refused to ride in his transporter chair during the race. He said, "I won't ride until I get my medal."

Kody is now 19 years old and has the cognitive ability of a 4-year-old child. None the less, he is stronger than us all and inspires us daily. He really is proof that he doesn't have a disability, he just does things differently.