Important Update for Patients with United Healthcare Insurance

by ih-chi admin

More than 4,100 of our patients with Commercial and Medicaid United Healthcare Plans will no longer be in-network as of May 1, 2019. Here is a copy of the letter sent to our families.

We worked very hard over the last nine months to avoid a termination of services and UHC has made no attempt to work with us to resolve our contract differences. We understand that this is not just an inconvenience to you, it is an interruption in your child’s healthcare and we will continue to work toward finding a solution with UHC.

In the past year, we took big steps to improve patient access and convenience to quality neurological care. A few examples of our recent steps include:

  • Hiring three new pediatric neurologists and a part-time pediatric rheumatologist
  • Opening a new clinic more conveniently located for patients who live south of Austin
  • Opening a pediatric infusion center (the only one in the region) and launching “in-home” EEG testing allowing children to access these services conveniently and outside a hospital setting

Most health plans have supported our efforts. UHC has not. And by not partnering with us, more than 4100 children are in jeopardy of losing their pediatric neurologist.

If you’re upset like we are, you can help! Contact UHC using the phone number on the back of your card or call UHC Employer Health Care at (866) 414-1959 or UHC Texas at (800) 393-0993 to express your concern. If you purchase your insurance through an employer, speak with the Human Resources Department at your company and have them advocate on your behalf, too. 

We sincerely appreciate you trusting us with your most important asset — your child’s health — and will do everything we can to avoid having their care interrupted.


Your CNCA Physicians and Staff