Through the Eyes of a Child with Tourette’s

by ih-chi admin

Learning that your child has “Tourette Syndrome” can be tough for parents. An uncommon neurological disorder, parents often feel alone when navigating the unique challenges for managing their child’s condition.

One of our patient families has decided to turn it into an opportunity to help other parents with a child diagnosed with Tourette's.  

Elizabeth Zimmerman made an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Kane to better understand her son Utah’s coughing and tics. It was at their appointment that they first heard the words — Tourette Syndrome.

Tourette syndrome is a condition of the nervous system that causes people to have “tics” or sudden twitches, movements, or sounds that people do repeatedly and can’t control. This may be subtle like blinking, coughing or shoulder shrugging or more obvious like shouting or head bobbing.

“The diagnosis was a lot to take in,” said Elizabeth. But as a former special education teacher, she knew it would be helpful for Utah to talk about what he heard and how he felt.

“So, when we got in the car, I handed him my phone and asked him questions about his experience—what was going through his head,” she described.
The “story sharing” was therapeutic for her and Utah. With her son’s approval, Elizabeth transcribed his recorded story into a blog which she posted on
Elizabeth plans to continue posting Utah’s journey. “Hearing directly from someone like Utah may be really helpful for families.”
You can follow his story at