Child Neurology Consultants of Austin Adds New Clinic…and More

by ih-chi admin

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our new South Austin clinic near Davis Lane and MoPac on December 3. This will be Child Neurology Consultants of Austin’s third location — in addition to Cedar Park and Austin (Far West).


We are always looking for ways to provide more convenience and access to our young patients, teenage and adolescent patients, and their families. Our patients come from all over Central Texas, even as far as San Antonio, and so a south location was much needed.


At the same time, Child Neurology Consultants of Austin has added ‘remote’ in-home video electroencephalography (EEG), allowing for seizure monitoring in a child’s home. Video EEG monitoring helps identify seizures and is commonly used to diagnose epilepsy. Typically, this type of seizure monitoring is conducted in an epilepsy monitoring unit at a hospital. 


Dr. Karen Keough, Epileptologist at CNCA says remote in-home video EEG monitoring offers many advantages for our patients who require extended evaluations including overnight recording but don’t require hospitalization. “It goes without saying that a child is most comfortable in their home and sleeping in their own bedroom,” said Dr. Keough. “With remote monitoring, we not only monitor a child in a comfortable setting, but we can also extend access to those who live in more rural communities and do not have an epilepsy monitoring unit nearby.”


Child Neurology Consultants of Austin’s new location is located at 5301 Davis Lane, Suite 200A, Austin, Texas 78749. 


To book an appointment for your child or teenager or to learn more about the new clinic, call (512) 494-4000.


(Image courtesy of Lifelines Neurodiagnostics.)