Dr. Keough: Medical Marijuana, Cannabidiol and Epilepsy

by ih-chi admin

What’s the status of medical marijuana for epilepsy?

Epileptologist, Dr. Karen Keough, recently penned an op ed piece for TribTalk/Texas Tribune focusing on just that —mounting research that points towards the benefits of cannabis (aka marijuana) for treating epilepsy.

It’s an important topic for those who suffer from epilepsy here in Texas as the state will allow the planting of cannabis legally for medical treatment starting in 2018.  The new legislation (Texas Compassionate Use Act (Senate Bill 339) outlines specific eligibility requirements regarding this medical option.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the compound found in cannabis that has been shown promise in reducing seizures for some patients. While Dr. Keough stressed the importance of ongoing research and rigorous studies to continually evaluate the effects of CBD, she feels that it could offer hope and prove a favorable treatment for some.

To corroborate her stance, she referenced a recent study in The New England Journal of Medicine where 120 children and teens suffering from a severe form of childhood epilepsy showed a drastic reduction in the frequency of seizures as a result of CBD.

Dr. Keough says Child Neurology Consultants of Austin’s epileptologists are singularly focused on connecting children suffering from epilepsy seizures to medicines, therapies and regimens that can provide relief. “Part of our role is educating families on the benefits and risks of various treatments so that they can effectively manage their child’s disorder,” she said.

Dr. Keough has newly been named Chief Medical Officer for Compassionate Cultivation, one of three businesses in Texas licensed to grow, process and dispense CBD medicine. She will help guide their medical efforts while further exploring CBD treatments for epilepsy. 

You can read her full op ed piece right here.

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