FOX7 Austin: Dr. Reardon Updates On Concussions

by ih-chi admin

Many parents of kids playing sports think of concussions as just being related to football. But as Child Neurology Consultant’s Dr. Michael Reardon explains, concussions are possible—and even more prevalent—in other sports as well, including girls’ soccer, basketball, and even cheerleading. 

Dr. Reardon recently visited Fox-7’s Good Day Austin to discuss new research out about parents’ perceptions of concussions occurring in full-contact versus non-contact sports.

Many believe that a risk is only associated with a sport like football, where full contact, or tackling, another player is an integral part of the game. Yet other sports with limited contact are deemed safe.

Not true, said Dr. Reardon.

The danger is there in any team sport where multiple players are moving around quickly and in close proximity to each other, whether they are meant to make contact or not. Accidental collisions happen all the time sending one player smack into another, or falling to the ground with the potential for a dangerous blow to the head.

Dr. Reardon also reminded viewers that the brain is delicate, and even forceful and rapid movement of the body, not directly resulting in a bump to the head, can still cause the brain to shift and have concussive symptoms.

He said the best thing parents can do is to be vigilant about watching for signs of concussions after a rough game, and insist on getting their child checked out by a physician if they suspect anything.

You can view the full story featuring Dr. Reardon right here.