5 Tips to Ease Into the Back-To-School Sleep Routine

by ih-chi admin

Does your child (and maybe even you) have the bedtime blues because school is right around the corner? Don’t despair. It can be hard to get back to a normal sleep schedule after a fun-filled summer of late nights and lazy mornings. 

Here are five tips to help you adjust and return to healthy school year sleep habits:

  1. At least one week before school begins, start heading to bed earlier, and waking up a little earlier too. Even just a few minutes every few days will make it a more gradual transition to the early morning wake-up call on the first day back. 
  2. Stick to a regular bedtime routine the week before and once school rolls around. Limit activities to a warm bath or shower followed by quiet time for reading and stories in their room before lights out. 
  3. Nix "screens" just prior to bed. No television, tablets, or cell phones that can interfere with winding down.
  4. Summer is filled with sugary treats…ice cream, sno-cones, popsicles, etc. Cut down on sugar (and caffeine) consumption a few hours before it’s time to turn in. The sugar can act as a stimulant and make it difficult for a child to fall asleep. Have a special treat either earlier in the day, or save it for the weekend.  
  5. Create a peaceful bedroom environment. Make sure your child’s room is neither too hot or cold, and that they have comfortable bedding. As the sun still shines pretty bright late into the evening for several weeks after school starts, consider blackout treatments for windows to simulate darkness.  

Find more sleeping tips via the National Sleep Foundation.