Dr. Reardon on KXAN-TV: New Brain Injury Study and Concussion Health

by ih-chi admin

Professional athletes who donated their brains to science suffered very high rates of a degenerative brain disorder called CTE, or chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which is typically caused by repeated blows to the head according to new research.

KXAN-TV interviewed Child Neurology Consultants of Austin’s, Dr. Michael Reardon, a concussion expert, to offer insight about the new study. (Click here for the full story.) 

His main message — the actual number of athletes who go on to develop CTE later in life is small. But there are still signs to watch out for if your kid plays contact sports.

“Keep an eye on your child on the field; watch for confusion or dizziness,” Dr. Michael Reardon said in the interview with KXAN-TV. Those could be signs of a concussion, and multiple concussions could have longer term impact.

In the interview, Reardon advised parents to watch how their child does in school to see if a recent head impact might be a concussion. “Are there any big changes, big declines in their school performance, any changes in their personality or their mental health?”

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