Team Brainiac Supports Epilepsy Foundation

by ih-chi admin

Several of our Child Neurology staff members joined ‘Team Brainiac’ and took to the trails for the Epilepsy Foundation of Central & South Texas’ 5K fun run/walk in May. The annual event to raise funds for the organization, centered around a superheroes theme, was held on May 20 at Lake Pflugerville. 

The real superheroes though are those suffering from epilepsy who face daily challenges and uncertainties marked by debilitating seizures. More than two million Americans are currently diagnosed with the condition, and many of them are children. 

Children with epilepsy may have a difficult time functioning in school, sports, and other activities when their physical capabilities are shut down, most often unpredictably, by a seizure.

CNCA is passionately dedicated to treating these children, and supporting their families, so that they can experience as normal a childhood as possible.

The Epilepsy Foundation of Central & South Texas does an excellent job in helping these families in so many ways, and CNCA is in turn exceptionally proud to support them.

“The Epilepsy Foundation of Central & South Texas does so much for the local epileptic community, everything from coordinating seizure clinics, to organizing summer youth camps,” said CNCA’s epilepsy specialist, Dr. Karen Keough. “The chance for a child to attend a summer camp just like any other kiddo, knowing that they will be safe and cared for in the event of a frightening seizure, is a priceless opportunity that we are only too happy to put resources towards.”

The Epilepsy Foundation of Central & South Texas is one of 51 national Epilepsy Foundation affiliates, and serves 79 counties. In addition to summer youth programs, this regional foundation offers medical and social services; seizure management clinics; community, educational, and professional outreach; and employment preparation and coaching for those affected by epilepsy.