Medical Mission: Bringing Access to Epilepsy Care in Kenya

by ih-chi admin

If you’re a patient of Dr. Jeffrey Kane’s at Child Neurology Consultants of Austin, you already know that he is committed to providing exceptional care to patients.

But, you might not know that this dedication extends far beyond the patient families connected to the pediatric neurology practice he helped launch in Austin, Texas.

For nearly seven years he and several of his community friends and colleagues, including Dr. Karen Keough, Dr. Michael Reardon and Cassidy Waggonner, have been traveling to Kenya to provide much needed medical assistance for people who lack basic access to care.

The medical mission is through local non-profit UBUNTU, which helps bring basic resources to people living in Maai mahui, a settlement in Kenya's Rift Valley Province, and its surrounding communities. A wide variety of Austin medical staff and volunteers have joined the Kenyan trips from pediatric cardiologists to general surgeons to radiologists and more. Most recently, this work includes taking steps to establish a clinic with a Kenyan pediatrician to provide care year-round.

Dr. Kane says the ultimate vision goes beyond Maai mahui.

“Our big hope is to engage with medical programs in Kenya to improve pediatric neurology care, particularly epilepsy care, throughout the country,” he explained.

With about half of the Kenyan population living in poverty, many in rural areas, there are many obstacles in the way of achieving the dream.

With the help of the new Dell Medical School at the University of Texas at Austin and local leaders like Dr. Ric Bonnell, an Austin ER doctor who has dedicated much of his career to international aid, the feat may be within reach.

Kane will be traveling to Kenya with the non-profit organization UBUNTU June 16 – July 1, 2017.