On FOX7 Austin: Dr. Karen Keough Shares About Young Patient’s Epilepsy Non-Profit

by ih-chi admin

Weeks ago, we shared a story about one of Dr. Karen Keough’s young epilepsy patients who, at just 11-years old, launched a non-profit to raise more awareness about his disease. The non-profit is called Chase for the Cure, named after young Chase Johnson.

FOX7 Austin was similarly inspired by the ambitious pre-teen. They interviewed Chase, his family and Dr. Keough. (Dripping Springs 11-year-old raises awarness about epilepsy through non-profit.)

Dr. Keough told FOX7 Austin’s Ann Wyatt Little that she is impressed with Chase and his determination. "I think it's brave of Chase to share it with his friends and say that it's a part of my life," she said.

It's been a journey for the Johnson family to find what works to manage Chase’s epilepsy and it's a journey that is not over.

Yet, Chase has come a long way. After being implanted with a VNS (vagus nerve stimulation) device, Chase’s seizure have dramatically decreased.

And now he’s out there telling his story.

Chase’s father, John, told FOX7 Austin that he is very proud of his son.

"There's really not a word to describe. It's amazing to see your kid take on something like this and overcome his fears." said Johnson.

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