A Rise in Concussions Isn’t All Bad News

by ih-chi admin

Cooler autumn temps, pumpkin spice lattes, football season, and concussions…it’s what fall is all about. From the most seasoned pros, including just recently NFL player Cam Newton, to the tiniest kids of Pop Warner, concussions are rampant on the football field.

According to a new report, rates of concussions have reached an all-time high over the past six years, especially among teens. Data shows too that concussions increase significantly during the fall sports season mostly because of football, but soccer (boys and girls) also has a high rate

Dr. Michael Reardon of Child Neurology Consultants of Austin and other physicians, attribute the rise in diagnosed concussions to heightened awareness among parents, coaches and athletic trainers about the injury.

“It’s good news to see that people are knowledgeable about the warning signs and watching their kids closely, and seeking medical attention after a bump to the head,” said Dr. Reardon.

Symptoms that may indicate a concussion include dizziness, headache, nausea/vomiting, drowsiness, trouble with vision, and sometimes loss of consciousness.

Greater regulations, and even some laws, are in place now requiring young athletes to sit out for a few games until they have been cleared by a medical doctor to play after having suffered a head injury. So even though the cases of concussions are on the rise, awareness and prevention efforts are helping prevent its damaging affects.

If you think your child has suffered a concussion, speak to his or her pediatrician or request an appointment with one of our concussion specialists.