What To Do If A Child Has A Seizure

by ih-chi admin

A common symptom of epilepsy is an epileptic seizure, which can take a lot of different forms. Some come on fast and furiously, while others may be mild and almost invisible to a bystander. Either way, it’s important to know the basics for helping a child who has suffered a seizure. Here’s what you can do:

  • Always stay with the child until the seizure is over.
  • If possible, time how long the seizure lasts—this is valuable information if medical help is needed.
  • Move sharp objects out of their way. 
  • Help make them comfortable...suggest they lie down.
  • But, do not hold a person down while they’re having a seizure. Doing so will make them confused or disoriented.
  • Do not put anything in their mouth, including food or water. (And no, despite popular misconception, someone cannot swallow their tongue during a seizure.)
  • Make sure the child is breathing, and if lying down, that they laying on their side to open up airways.

Above all, remember to stay calm. Most seizures pass within a couple of minutes.

Read more about what a seizure might look like from the Epilepsy Foundation.