3 Tips To Prevent Dehydration

by ih-chi admin

Dehydration robs your body of precious fluids. As temperatures rise to triple digits, the risk of becoming dehydrated is even greater.

Prevention is simple…drink more fluids. Yet, research says your child likely isn’t drinking enough. In a 2015 study, more than 50% of students examined showed signs of low daily water intake. 

Who is most at risk for dehydration? In the hot Central Texas sun, everyone. But, it can be especially dangerous for children with special needs where a change in their body’s condition or temperature can wreak havoc on their delicate systems. Dehydration and insufficient water intake is also headache trigger and can be a migraine trigger in susceptible patients.

Here are tips to help avoid dehydration this summer:

  1. Drink. A lot.  Water is the best choice since it doesn’t have caffeine or sugar found in many other drinks such as soda and juice. Make sure your child drinks up before heading outdoors. Keep full water bottles handy while outside, and drink up once back inside. If you manage your child’s fluids by a gastrostomy tube, check with your doctor about increasing fluids during hotter months.
  2. Consider other types of fluids. When you sweat, the body is depleted of electrolytes (chemicals in the body that help you regulate fluid intake). To replace these electrolytes, other fluids are sometimes better than water. Pedialyte is a good choice for kids, and also easily digested by special needs children.
  3. Know the symptoms. Call your healthcare provider immediately if your child experiences a fever, diarrhea, vomiting, decrease in tears or urination, or excessive sweating after being in the sun and heat. 

If your child is experiencing regular headaches or migraines, request an appointment with one of our specialists today.