When it Comes to Sunblock and Kids…Slather it On

by ih-chi admin

Slather it on. You can never have enough sunblock during these oh-so sunny summer months.

What’s the harm of too much sun? Skin that is sunburned cannot properly cool down the body. This can be especially harmful for someone already dealing with physical challenges. Sun exposure can also interfere with medications.

What should you do to stay safe in the sun? Here are 5 tips to protect your kiddo’s skin from the damaging rays:

  • Apply sunblock (at least SPF30) thirty minutes before going outside. Allow it to dry prior to getting wet (even if waterproof), then reapply often.
  • Dress them in comfortable, loose fitting, and breathable clothing. Opt for darker colors or fabrics treated with UV blockers.
  • Have them pick out a fun hat and sunglasses to shade the face and eyes.
  • Schedule outdoor activities before in the morning to avoid the sun’s greatest intensity.
  • Find some shade. If spending long hours by a pool or at the beach, find a tree and umbrella.

Special needs kids may have a hard time communicating when they are hot or start to feel burned. As their parent or caregiver, it is important to be watchful about sun protection on their behalf. 

(Courtesy of Parenting Special Needs)

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