Dr. Elton in the Statesman: Helping Kids Speak about ‘Invisible’ Differences

by ih-chi admin

Austin American-Statesman’s parenting columnist was looking for tips to help young kids explain their ‘invisible’ differences—mental, learning or physical differences—to family and friends.

Check out the advice from Child Neurology Consultants’ Dr. Lindsay Elton and other local experts. The columnist’s interest followed her recent viewing of the just-released movie Finding Dory. A portion of the article is below. You can read the full piece on Austin360.com.

Like Dory’s parents in “Finding Dory,” give kids words to explain their illnesses or differences

The opening scenes of Pixar and Disney’s “Finding Dory” shows Dory’s parents practicing with young Dory how to tell her fish friends about her short-term memory problem. They want to give her independence and push her to go play with the other fish.

Often parents of children who have learning differences or mental or physical illnesses find themselves in this situation: trying to give their children the right words to explain to the outside world what has become a big part of their lives. (Full article)