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Doctor, Community Credited in Young Adult’s Journey to Independence

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Chris Lucido’s family once wondered if living independently would ever be possible for him. With support from friends, family and Dr. Karen Keough as well as local organizations, today 20-year-old Chris is thriving on his own.

How is ADHD Treated?

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These days, it’s common to know someone with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. While there is no cure for ADHD, there are treatment options available to successfully manage symptoms and improve your child or teenager’s functionality in his or her daily life

A Teenager’s Success with Autism

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Meet our good friend Will, he loves Legos and Star Wars. Will is an accomplished teenager who does well in school, runs on the cross-country team, and he has autism. He's a longtime patient of Dr. Karnik's, and he's one of our favorite kiddos here at Child Neurology Consultants of Austin.

Dr. Labiner on KXAN: Children With Autism Are Not Getting Diagnosed Early Enough, Study Says

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One in four children with autism spectrum disorder has a delayed diagnosis, according to a recent study published in the journal Autism Research. KXAN spoke to Dr. Kate Labiner to find out more about the value of early diagnosis.

A Tip of the Hat to Our SuperDoctors and Top Doctors

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Once again, several of our board-certified pediatric neurologists (and a certain special rheumatologist) from Child Neurology Consultants of Austin were named “SuperDoctors” and “TopDoctors” from Texas Monthly and Austin Monthly respectively.

Far West Clinic Closed – Find Out Where Your Doctor is Temporarily Located

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Our Far West clinic closed Feb. 1. A new, larger clinic will open just down the road in late summer/early fall 2020. In the meantime, all Far West doctors and staff have been temporarily relocated to our existing Cedar Park and South Austin clinics. Phone and fax numbers remain the same. Click here to see where each doctor will be practicing until the new clinic opens.

What Else Sets Us Apart? Dedication to Advance Research for Pediatric Epilepsy

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Research and innovation has significantly changed the quality of life for persons with epilepsy. Today we have an array of options to help children control their seizures. Learn more about what Child Neurology Consultants of Austin has been doing on the research front and how we are able to offer promising clinical trials for our patients.

Why does it take longer for girls to get concussion treatment?

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Dr. Kate Labiner shares insight on a new study that explains why girls' brains may be slower to heal following a concussion.

Dr. Karen Keough Heads to Disneyland As Featured Speaker for Epilepsy Expo

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Dr. Karen Keough will soon be packing up her mouse ears and heading off to Disneyland to participate in the annual Epilepsy Awareness & Education Expo /Epilepsy Awareness Day, November 4 - 6, taking place at the Southern California theme park.

Parents Credit Early Intervention, Brain Surgery for Two-Year-Old’s ‘Miraculous Outcome’ despite Tuberous Sclerosis

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Rain Woods began facing challenges well before he was even born. In utero, it was discovered that he had a large tumor filling up his tiny heart--an early indication that he may have Tuberous Sclerosis. After his birth, seizures and other medical issues kept him in the ICU. Find out how Dr. Karen Keough intervened and how Rain is thriving as a now active two-year old.


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